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Welcome to the close of our  dirty panty contest! Continuing the dirty panty giveaway tradition of updp.com. For this contest I’ve got some really nasty stained panties to give away to one lucky person. I also have some new pictures of dirty panties, since a lot of you have been asking for more soiled panty pics.  The contest has ended. Thanks to all who participated. I wish I had more panties to give out to everyone. Be prepared for the next contest...coming soon.

The winner of the dirty panty contest is: Anonymous :). Here’s his story

( I need you to send me an e-mail here with your address, so I can send you your panties. You’re gonna love them, dude. And you can take pics of yourself jacking off in them so I can post them here for everyone to see ).

Heads up: I am starting a new section devoted exclusively to men who like to wear women’s clothes, undergarments, pantyhose, panties, sissy boys etc. Any kink welcome. Send your pics and your stories here.


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stained panties shit stained panties

These are the panties I will be giving away for the contest, from my personal collection! They belonged to an 18 year old babe that stayed in my home for a while. The panties are black satin and as you can tell they are really dirty!

She must have had them on for a few days, I’m sure ;) There are some nasty shit stains on them as well, sure to drive nuts some kinky folks out there. I personally sniff them on an almost daily basis and jack off while taking in the wild aroma. Enjoy!

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soiled purple panty more dirty stained panties

Here’s a pair of light purple satin panties (my favorite kind), that are really soiled. You will notice on the close-up that there are some shit stains on them. The smell was intoxicating, to say the least :)

What we have below is three snaps of a period stained panty. Personally not my cup of tea, but I’m sure some of you out there get weak at the knees when you see these. Different strokes...Any vampires out there? Drink up :)

her wings leaked
period stained panty
tampax just won't cut it

This is another pair I was fortunate enough to get my dick (er, hands) into. Pretty aromatic, nicely soiled as you can tell. I think they’re lucra, but I really don’t care as long as they smell great. Last pic, they’re resting on my dick (before the masturbation session started).

black soiled panties
black panty close up dirty panty on my dick

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