Y2K Dirty Panty Giveaway: The stories!

panty sniffer

hello, hope you enjoy some of the panty pics i have taken of pantys i have stolen from two very beautiful and wet women. these pics were taken before i masturbated in them. they were great smelling and tasting.

i have had a panty fetish ever since high school when i saw up my favorite teachers skirt and saw her stained panties. actually the blue pair are hers! i had been at her house because my mother was friends with her.

i went in her bathroom and went through the hamper and found them. i shoved them into my pocket and took a picture of them at my house later on. i then began stealing my friends sisters and sometimes moms panties. i am addicted to panties now. i love your site. please enjoy my story and if you wanna hear more or more pics just email me back. good luck with the site and panties!

panty sniffer

panty sniffer

Thanx for the pics, Panty Sniffer ;)

Stained Panties!


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