Panty Giveaway Stories!

Hello fellow panty lovers!

 I have a story to tell you that I experienced while I was working as a janitor the year after I was out of high school, just for the money. (I didn't like the job)

I worked at a very upper class computer office, and often worked at nights after everyone had left the office. Well I was sweeping the hallways and doing my normal jobs, when I came to the women's restroom where I had to clean up anything that needed cleaned. I had just finished emptying all of the waste cans (the ones inside the stalls for  pads and tampons) and I heard a knock at the door. One of the few employees  that had stayed after hours to work needed to use the restroom, and saw my sign on the door that I was in there, so I left while she did her duty.

 She was a very sexy woman wearing a skirt that made her ass look perfect. After  she came out, I walked back in and went to the first stall to fill the toilet paper roll and noticed that there were a dirty pair of panties and a pad sitting in the garbage. I knew they were hers because I had emptied all of them before. I picked up the panties; they were covered in stains that smelled so wonderful it made me ooze cum in my pants. I stuffed these panties in my pocket for a later time. I don't think that this beautiful woman knew that the janitor in her office was masturbating to her panties and pussy smell.

 Here is a picture of these panties! Enjoy! [ryde ruff]

soiled panties

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