Y2K Panty Giveaway Stories!

Magie was an older lady in her mid to late sixties and wore the same panties from the day she started her rag. I often smelled her when she got  her mail in the crisp air of the morning. Some times when she walked her dog, or took out the trash I would catch a glow from under her skirt of the radio-active emblem put on by the public health unit some thirty years ago.

She was an ugly lady with no friends that I knew of and a face like a can of smashed assholes. She was about nine hundred pounds ad if she could have pealed those undies down over her obis thies to below her knees her pussy would still be in them. She had brown greasy hear and gaping bleeding sores all over her body. her children learned to count on her chins.and  yellowy green fluid would leak occasionally from the elastic stretched to  its limit by her pissy flaps.

 One night late in the summer of 73, a Russian tactical squad on special >mission kidnapped her for her undies and returned her several days later.They quickly discovered not the hiding place of some new biochemical warfare weapon, but just a badly soiled pare of undies that could not be >removed. The amazing thing was they developed a new form of supperglue and two new life forms but all the scientists involved died of asphyxiation.

 Magie lived a long fruitful life and most of the fruit grew between her legs, but last summer she died and willed to me her underwear. I tried several times to dispose of them but received hundreds of dollars in fines for illegal handling of toxic waste. I even tried to bury them in my back yard but they dug themselves up and walked home.Ive tried to burn them but they were so hard and crusty green that the torch ran out of acetylene before they got hot. Ive even hired a hitman to put them out but he went in and has not been herd of since.we place flowers by them in his memory but they quickly wilt and die.

 So my dilemma is now if they cant be burned or buried or thrown away how do I dispose of Magies drores. Besides the smell and the flies and the pain in my lungs,its really the burning in my eyes that has got to me the most. [ Moe and Dee ]

Webmaster’s note: Guys, you take the cake for the funniest shit I ever read in my entire life! I still crack-up every time I think of your e-mail. You should find a publisher for your stuff :)

Magie's nuclear panties

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