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 I dont know how my fetish for stealing panties, sniffing them, and jacking off in them started, but frequently i steal them from friends sisters or from whoever.

 I have a huge collection i keep in a ziplock bag. I love stealing panties with all sorts of nasty stains on them. My best memory of stealing panties was when i spent the night at my friends house. He was having a family friend stay over and her name was Bridget. Bridget was 18 and she was a very hot brunette.

 She had all her dirty clothes and stuff inside her room she was staying in and i happned to walk past her room. I had the idea to go in and take whatver i could. i remember my heart beating like crazy as i went through her things, there were bras, thongs, and all sorts of good stuff. I noticed a black thong that really appealed to me knowing that the thong would be so close to her asshole and cunt. I examined the thong and found a white stain that smelled of her musky cunt and a brownish stain on the thong area. I was so excited and i was getting so hard.

 After examining them i placed them in my pocket and took them home. i was so anxious to get home that i went into my friends bathroom and sniffed and licked them and rubbed them against my cock. as soon as i got home i placed the panties over a pillow and humped the shit out of it while i pulled out previously stollen panties and sniffed and licked them untill i had the best oragsm ever.

 I love smelling dirty nasty soiled panties and i hope to win the contest pair. thank you - [ mike ]

stained panties

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