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My girlfriend is quite a hot little thing.

She recently bought about 10 pairs of these victoria's secret(tm) "seamless" panties.......or something to that effect. Well anyway. Little does she know of my enormous panty fetish. I've collected dirty panties from just about every girl I've been around. When i'm left alone in a friend's room or in someone's house and I know there are lots of panties to be looked through--

 I always take the chance. Even though my heart beats like crazy and my hands shake  in fear of getting caught, I've captured panties from a whole lot of women. Some of them with nothing on them except the wonderful smell of that woman, others that you can tell she must have had a wonderful night.

Back to my original story though. When my girlfriend leaves her dorm room to go shower in the morning it gives me a chance to look through everything from the  week (since I only visit on weekends). I quickly run to her hamper and mess through it looking for anything.......and there's always so much. She is very easily turned on, and in turn her panties are always dirty and unbelievably hot. So when she's gone I get my chance to take them in my hands and smell them and lick them and know how turned on she must have been. Usually I don't last long, I come pretty quickly. I've had my times where I've almost been caught. One day she was out  getting her haircut and was heading home for the weekend. In turn, she had all of her clothes packed up. As soon as she left I went through all of them.....laying all of her dirty panties all around me and looking at all of them as I touched myself. Well, I thought I had  packed most of them up and she comes back in later that day and I leave one really dirty bright green pair laying out. I quickly sat on top of them and shoved them in my pocket -- being careful to make sure none were visable or missing.

The highlight of all of my panty escapades was from another night when she and I got very sexual before bed....but didn't have sex. I knew she was soaking wet the whole time. The next morning she left to go shower and I quickly found those bright orange panties. Oh my god how much cum she had on those. You could flake it dick got so hard I nearly exploded just looking at them. That night she had  bowel problems too, so there was this big stain on there (which I don't so much like).........but nonetheless these panties were soiled. She has no idea how much her dirty panties turn me on.

I'm going to send you some pics of those orange panties and her other panties as soon as I can so if you could please post them on your site.

Good hunting--Anonymous

Below are the pics. Thanx, dude!

stained panty dirty panty jacking off in panties

Win some more dirty panties from Panty Babes. Click here for instructions!

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